Arts Integration Enhancing Traditional Education

Arts integration uses the arts to help students engage in the use of all of their senses to access knowledge and communicate, not limiting their learning experience to linguistic forms of communicating and learning.  AI takes the benefits of the arts and of the academics, and through the integration leads students to extended ways of learning and demonstrating knowledge.

Reader's Theater

Developing reading fluency and comprehension is supported through the integration of Reader’s theater, a powerful arts integration strategy that through repetitious readings, students expand and extend their reading fluencies – Arts Integration is a powerful learning engagement for students.

Arts Integration in the Classroom

Implementing arts integration in the classroom allows students to evolve understanding and the transfer of knowledge through accessing information through the multiple modalities operative in the process of making art.  Students engage in higher order thinking and creativity to support learning and the demonstration of knowledge.  Arts Integration is a win-win for learner and teacher alike!


Through the use of the Japanese paper folding art of Origami, basic paper folding is used to create a physical and tactile representation that allows the learner to experience equivalence.